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Botox® ​or Botulinum toxin injection is one of the most common non-surgical cosmetic or aesthetic procedures worldwide. This beauty treatment is very popular because it can improve appearance of an aspect of the face (wrinkles) but does not have the risk of complications, side effects, long recovery periods usually associated with invasive surgical procedures. 

Botox® is the fastest growing and the most in demand wrinkle erasing procedure because it can significantly reduce or remove lines in a short time, it is very easy to administer (by a qualified practitioner), and is affordable. 

Treatment requires only multiple injections of the Botox® (clear fluid) in very small volume (typically 0.05 to 0.1ml per site) into the muscles of facial expressions of the face. The most commonly treated areas are the forehead (horizontal lines), glabella (vertical lines between brows), and Crow's feet (lines on the sides of the eyes). The procedure takes just a few minutes and leaves only very small needle marks which disappears after a few hours.

Botox® removes wrinkles by paralyzing certain face muscles that cause skin wrinkling everytime they contract or move. These type of wrinkles are called "dynamic lines" and are the most responsive to the treatment. Effects are dramatic. Lines disappear from the 3rd to 10th day of injection. This easily takes away years from an aging face. Wrinkle-free effect lasts 4 months.

In NEU Advanced Aesthetics Center at Centuria Medical Makati, we do Botox® treatment in a unique way. We remove those lines but preserve some movements to make our patients look "naturally" younger looking. Our patented 

Botox® technique developed by Dr. Al Jaafar, prevents the "frozen" look or the dreaded "absence of facial expression". 

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Botox® ​​for Hyperhydrosis (Excessive Sweating)

​Botox® has also other important uses. One of which is for treatment of Hyperhydrosis or Excessive Sweating. 

Areas treated are underarms, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet. Patients choose Botox® treatment when all other modalities of management for excessive sweating have failed. Patients who have undergone treatments with Botox® experience more than 50% reduction of sweating (and odour). This result to patients regaining back their self-confidence.

Excessive sweating treatment with ​Botox® requires more volume and injections to cover areas with hyperactive glands. Injections are done shallower than for (anti-wrinkles treatment) since the targetted sweat glands are located just within the skin.