1. What is needed to qualify to undergo BBL?

     Must have fat on the tummy or thighs for harvesting.

2. How long is the procedure?

     Usually 2-3 hours.

3. How small are the incisions?

     As small as 0.5cm

4. How long is the down time?

     Recovery is fast. Usually 2-3 days. You are not allowed to sit on your butt for just 1-2 weeks after surgery compared to 4-8 weeks with implants.

5. Can I add more fat to my butt?

     Yes after 6-12 months.

6. What is the usual volume the butt can increase in size?

     Between 100-400cc per butt.

7. What is a typical after-surgery instruction?

     No diet, eat well to nourish the fats after surgery for the first 1-2 months.

8. Can I lie on my back or sit on my butt after the procedure?

     Unlike implant butt augmentation where patients' are restricted from sitting on their butt or lying on their back for 4-8 weeks, in BBL you have a shorter restriction of only 1 week.

9. Is it true that there will be shrinkage of the transferred fat?

     Shrinkage of the butt weeks after surgery could be secondary to the resolution of post-operative swelling. Although many literatures report that fat shrinkage (of the transferred fat) could go as high as 40-60%, our experience is way below this figure. We attribute our high percentage fat survival to our superior intra-operative handling of fat and better after-surgery care/nstructions.

     Brazilian butt lifting (BBL) is a cosmetic plastic surgical procedure to augment/enhance or increase the size of the buttocks using the patient's own fat (autologous) instead of the conventional silicone implants.

     Fats are harvested from another body site (typically from the tummy or thighs) using low pressure syringe liposuction to preserve the viability of the fats.

     BBL has better outcome than butt implant surgery because it also involves removal of the fats in the flanks and lower back with liposuction. In our centre, we contour the areas using a specialize liposuction device called "Power-Assisted Liposuction or PAL (MicroAire)". This makes the body more curvaceous because of the combined smaller waist and bigger buttocks. That is why BBL is also called "3D Buttocks Lift".


1. Less invasive procedure via smaller incisions.

2. Shorter recovery period or short downtime.

3. No implant or foreign body reaction because of the use of your own natural fats.

4. Cheaper by 25-40%

5. Better results.

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Other terms

Brazilian butt lift

Buttocks augmentation with fat

Buttocks fat transfer/GRAFTING