"Dr. Al Jaafar is very accomodating and excellent in his practice. He has exhibited professionalism and i highly recommend him. I will definitely see him again. Thumbs up to him and his team."

Maria Q. (USA)

from practo.com

"Good experience with the doctor. Very professional and corteous. Very good stitch by doctor. Thank you."

Kenji K. (Tokyo, Japan)

from practo.com

"Dr. Jaafar is awesome! I had my noselift done and his hands are so gentle and the light didn't feel any pain. He answered all my questions and concerns and I would recommend him to anyone!"

Hannah (Manila, Phl)

from whatclinic.com

"Very fine doctor.. very strict on do's and dont's before and after surgery. I agree with him coz he just want to make sure the safety of his patients...I recommend dr. Jaafar to everyone.."

Anonymous (MM, Phl)

from practo.com

"The procedure went very well. Thank you so much doc for taking care of me througout the healing process. See you soon doc. Bless you!"

Anonymous Abdominoplasty patient


from practo.com

"Not only did I get the best service, outcome of my surgery is also great! I love my nose!"

Jasmine D (San Juan, Phl)

"Exudes quality service at its BEST! Friendly, approachable, and professional in dealing with clients."

Jenny V. (Manila, Phl)

"I am very happy right now and the procedure was worth it."

Jane G. (SF, USA)

on Vaginoplasty procedure

"A combination of top-notch doctors and world-class facility." 

Mita Q. (NY USA)‚Äč

"My goodness Dr. Grace, I thought I'll never be beautiful down there! Thank you."

Sofie P. (MM, Phl)

on Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty procedures

"Doc Al Jaafar is very accommodating and has a great sense of professionalism. He answers all my questions in full details which I highly appreciate. He presents the possible alternatives and assures me that the treatments are safe, of the best results and affordable. I highly recommend him and it is indeed a pleasure.."

Anonymous (Phl)

from practo.com

"My husband is having an affair. I did it not to win him back but to regain my self esteem. Now I feel good about myself."

Claudine N. (MM, Phl)

on Vaginoplasty procedure

"From my arrival until I left, everything went smoothly. Had good result for my surgery (breast augmentation). They also have wonderful accommodation just walking distance to their world-class center!"

Eva SG (UK)

"He's excellent to taking care. He is patient. He has radiance coming from his heart...for me he is a very good doctor."

Mari Ann V. (Phl)

from practo.com

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"Thanks NEU Advance Aesthetic Cente for the wonderful service. Staff are warm, friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Jaafar answers all of my question and makes me at ease with his low key and friendly attitude." 

"Highly Recommended."

Jackie C. (Taguig, MM, Phl)

from whatclinic.com

"They are professional, kind and the doctor has really "golden hands". There was no pain, bruises at all and it looked perfect after just 2 days."

Klara Maria K (Czech Republic)

from practo.com

"You did a great job Dr. Grace Jaafar. My husband is always chasing me!"

Carina S. (Kyoto, Japan)

on Vaginoplasty procedure

"The doctor and the service were great. I didn't feel any pain during and after the operation.I felt safe."

Wilfredo R. (Manila, Phl)

from practo.com

"My doctor is excellent. I am very satisfied with the service and treatments i have received at his clinic. The staff and therapist are corteous, too."

Julie Q. (Cavite, Phl)

from practo.com

"He was very kind and very accommodating. I highly recommend doc Al, I would definitely go back to him for my future treatment."

Anonymous (Bel-Air, Makati, Phl)

from practo.com

"Thank you for fixing it Dr. Grace Jaafar. I promise to be a virgin until I get married"

Maribel F. (Singapore)

"Very accomodating and my experience with meeting Dr. Jaafar is truly worth our time with all the information needed we left the clinic very much satisfied."

Anonymous (Manila, Phl)
from practo.com

"I had my breast mass excised and the operation was fast and painless. a very professional and friendly doctor i would say."

Jerriann Mae R.(Mandaluyong, MM, Phl)

from practo.com

"I chose Dr. Grace Jaafar to do the procedure because she is an obstetrician-gynecologist, an expert in the field and knows what she is doing, unlike the others. I made the right decision."

Heidi H. (MM, Phl)

Testimonial on cosmetic surgery

What patients say about us..

"Dr. Jaafar did an excellent job on my eye lids. I will definitely come back for more. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to look better! "

"Clean, organized and friendly staff. I felt comfortable in his facility during consultation and procedure."

Katherine LC (LA USA)

from whatclinic.com