Silicone Breast Augmentation or Enhancement is one of the top Cosmetic Surgery procedures in women. It involves increasing the size of the breast by inserting Silicone implants into the breasts. Implant placement locations can either be behind the existing breast tissue (Retroglandular) or within the chest muscles (Intramuscular). Intramuscular placements are reserved for subjects with small breast tissue or thin skin/fat layers of the chest. Retroglandular placement has a more natural look.

         Incisions where implants are inserted are made on three(3) common locations depending on the preference of the surgeon and patient.

1. Edge of the areola (Peri-areolar), where half of the circumference of the lower part of the areola is incised.

2.  Under the breast crease (Sub-mammary) where incisions are hidden beneath the breast.

3.  Within the underarms (Transaxillary).

         Breast implant procedures can be done with the patient under local anaesthesia with sedation or under general anaesthesia.  The operation lasts between one (1) to two (2) hours. Patient may be discharged on the same day. Recovery is fast and patients are typically doing regular activities in a week's time. Compression garments are required to be worn for 2-4 weeks. Recent breast implant technologies allow implants to last for more than 10 years.

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      Recent advancement in aesthetic surgery had led to development of new methods in augmenting the breast. Breast enhancement using the FAT from the patient is now becoming the latest and safer trend.      

History of breast fat grafting

     Way back in the 1980's, breast fat grafting was not yet acceptable.

     Initial outcomes showed it can cause irregular but benign results. This was mainly because breasts imaging technology that time was still not advanced.

     In the early days of this procedure, the survival rate the transplanted cell was also low making after surgery results unpredictable.

     At present, breast mammogram technology has progressed and improved. The problem of difficult imaging has become less of a concern. Newer harvesting methods have also resulted to better fats survival.

     Fat transfer for breast enhancement is a good natural option for select patients who do not wish to have breast implants. It can be performed on an out-patient setting and has faster recovery period compared to implant-based augmentation.


     Fats are harvested from a donor site of the patient using "Syringe Liposuction". Usual area is the tummy (although other areas can be harvested). The harvested fats are processed to remove impurities then injected using a small incision along the breast crease or areola. Up to 150-250cc of fats can be transferred safely. 

     Fat transfer for breast enlargement has the advantage of being "rejection free" since it comes from the patient (autologous). The only drawback is the possibility of shrinkage through time. It can be repeated though to attain more volume and better result.

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