Dr. Al Farabi Lee Jaafar, is currently the President of the Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery and practices at the Centuria Medical Makati (the newest and biggest IT-medical and medical-tourism facility in the Philippines) where NEU Advanced Aesthetics Center is located (Penthouse).

     Very active in the practice of cosmetic surgery in the country, Dr. Jaafar is an officer of two prestigious cosmetic surgery societies in the Philippines. He is also working on preserving and expanding the network of renowned cosmetic surgeons worldwide as earlier initiated by senior surgeons of the Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery.

  Dr. Al Jaafar, a Filipino with Chinese and Arab descent, is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas (1994) in Manila, Philippines. He has a solid foundation of being trained in General Surgery (completed 5 years specialty training at the AFP Medical Center) and was Certified General Surgeon by the Philippine Board of Surgery after passing both written and oral examinations. He is a Fellow of the Philippine College of Surgeons.

     He further earned his degree as a Cosmetic Surgeon with a 2 years training in the sub-specialty field Cosmetic Surgery from the Philippine Society for Cosmtic Surgery (PSCS). He was also Certified as Diplomate in Cosmetic Surgery by the Philippine Board of Cosmetic Surgery.  

     Dr. Al Jaafar has years of education, training and experience in the field of aesthetic cosmetic surgery. Over time, he has mastered the art of aesthetic enhancement of the human face and body. He can bring out one's natural features, taking many years away from a client's face without a trace. He is meticulous in his craft, attentive to patient's concerns, and is result-oriented. Theses make him the seasoned cosmetic surgeon that he is today.

Al Farabi L. Jaafar, MD FPSCS FPSGS FPCS

Curriculum Vitae
‚ÄčName: Al Farabi L. Jaafar, MD
Medical School: University of Santo Tomas
Internship: Santo Tomas University Hospital
Physician Licensure Examination: Professional Regulation Commission (Philippines) 1994

Specialty Training (Residency): General Surgery                       
Hospital of Specialization: AFP Medical Center
Sub-Specialty Training (Fellowship): Cosmetic Surgery
Institution of Sub-Specialization: Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery

Board Certifications:
1. Diplomate, Philippine Board of Surgery
2. Diplomate, Philippine Board of Cosmetic Surgery

Specialty Societies Membership:

1. Fellow, Philippine Society of General Surgeons
2. Fellow, Philippine College of Surgeons
3. Fellow, Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery           

Society Affiliations/Positions:
1. President, Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery 2019-2020, 2023-2024

2. Secretary/Board of Director, Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery 2016-2018
3. Secretary/Board of Director, Philippine Society of Liposuction Surgery 2016-2018
4. Member, Philippine Medical Association
5. Chair, Scientific Meeting Committee, Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery 2016-2018

6. Chair, Fellowship Training Committee, Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery 2016-2018

7. Member, Membership Committee, Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery 2016-2018

8. Honorary Member, Philippine Academy of Aesthetic and Age Management Medicine Inc 2022-present

International Affiliations:

1. Honorary Member, Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery (KCCS)

2. Member, Asian Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (APACS)

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