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    NEU Advanced Aesthetics Centre is a new generation aesthetic clinic that provides you quality and safe treatments in plastic surgery namely - cosmetic surgery,  liposuction, and cosmetic gynecology.  It also offers a variety of non-surgical treatments in cosmetic dermatology & lasers, non-invasive face & body contouring, and regenerative aesthetics. It is located on the 17th floor of a world-class medical facility, Centuria Medical Makati, in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

     NEU Clinic is one of the leading plastic cosmetic surgery clinics in the Philippines.  Procedures are done only by expert cosmetic surgeon, cosmetic gynaecologist and dermatologist. They are all board certified, trained locally and abroad. Their experience and "attention to details" techniques are reasons why you should choose NEU clinic for your aesthetics treatments.

     Dr. Al Farabi Lee Jaafar, a board certified cosmetic surgeon heads NEU clinic's team of doctors. He is credentialed to handle your cosmetic surgery needs, having a full 5-year training in General Surgery (certified by the Philippine Board of Surgery) with the Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Centre, and a 2-year sub-specialty training purely in cosmetic surgery (certified by the Philippine Board of Cosmetic Surgery) with the Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery (PSCS) founded in 1972. He is currently also the president of PSCS. NEU is one of the top cosmetic plastic surgery clinic in Makati City's only medical mall, the 28th storey Centuria Medical Makati.