Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

FILLERS (injectibles)

Restylane/Perlane/Vital light fillers

Injectable Fillers (hyaluronic acid and others)

Early signs of aging such as volume loss and fine/deep lines can be managed with "fillers".

There are 2 types of fillers:

1. Temporary (absorbable)

2. Permanent (non-absorbable)

Temporary fillers are gradually broken down by the body (1-2 years). They include hyaluronic acid, collagens, and poly-L-lactic acid. They are generally considered safe (because of their absorbability) with good results as they now come in different thickness depending on which part of the face or body it will be injected. Common used brand for temporary fillers are Restylane® and Juvederm®.

In our center, our preferred brand is Restylane®. Restylane® is a clear, non-animal-based, biodegradable gel that is composed of hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the body. Originally developed in Sweden, it is available and known worldwide because of its quality and reliability. As mentioned, there are several types of Restylane®:

1. Restylane® SkinboostersTM (Vital Light), is intended especially to correct fine lines and wrinkles. It has the smallest particle size among all of the Restylane® fillers and can fill even the finest of wrinkles. It is often used around the mouth and eyes, correcting fine smile lines in both regions. Injected just below the skin, Restylane® Touch will make skin appear firmer and younger instantly.

2. Restylane® PerlaneTM, has the largest particle size available. Still in a gel form, it can correct deep lines, folds, and wrinkles. We recommended this for use in adding fullness to lips, chin, and cheek; and also for correcting deep lines of the naso-labial folds (crevice extending from the sides of the nose down to the sides of the mouth). 

3. Restylane® SubQ is a NASHA (Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid) based gel that instantly adds volume to the face. It is most often used to contour the cheeks and chin, both of which may have lost volume due to age. It can quickly and easily create or restore facial symmetry and enhance already prominent facial features.

We do not recommend Permanent Fillers like liquid Silicone as they carry a lot of side effects especially in the long term where they can cause formation of granuloma and eventually causing permanent deformity of the injected part. Worst, it can migrate to other places far from where it was injected.

FAT injection or transfer

Fat is extracted by syringe from the hips, tummy, or thighs - or wherever else it is available. The fat is then "washed" in a closed sterile environment then re-injected into facial folds, deep crevices, or areas that need volume replacement like the cheeks or chin.

Instead of implants, fat is now used to augment breasts and buttocks (Brazilian Butt). Although augmentation volume is limited (around 150cc per breast or butt compared to more than 200cc for implants), fat transfer does not have the complications implants carry (i.e. contracture, displacement, rupture, and rejection).