SALE on Breast Fat Transfer!

Other terms:

Breast enlargement, Breast enhancement, Breast lift, Boob job

Breast Augmentation is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure to increase the size and enhance the breast.

Indications can either be for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes.

There are two (2) types of enhancements:

1. Breast augmentation with FAT transplant

2. Breast augmentation with implants

Breast fat transplantation or transfer is a natural type of breast augmentation because it uses the patient's own FAT (autologous). The fat is usually harvested from bulging sites in the body (usually tummy, flanks or thighs) on the same operation day. The fat is liposuctioned using non-traumatic technique then is processed to separate impurities (fluid and blood). Purified fat is then injected to the breast with the use of a blunt cannula.


> Small incisions, less scars

> Shorter downtime and faster recovery

> Added body contouring from liposuction

> Can be repeated for additional lift

> No contracture or side effects of implants

Breast Augmentation with Implants or Prosthesis usually uses Saline-filled (rarely used nowadays) or Silicone implants (common). Implants are inserted into the breast through three (3) kinds of incisions:

a. Peri-areolar

b. Infra-mammary

c. Trans-axillary

Implants are also placed either "Retromammary/

Retroglandular" (under the breast tissues) or "Submuscular" (under the chest muscles) depending on the thickness of exising breast glands, fat layer and skin.

Shapes of implants come in two (2) shapes, Round (commonly used) and Tear-shaped (recommended for flat chested individuals) to prevent an unnatural roundness of the breast.


Enhance your breast NATURALLY with FAT!

No worries about implant rejection or infection. Try this new innovation using your own fat harvested from your tummy or butt with liposuction then transferred via a very small incision less than 5mm in size!

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