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Brazilian butt lift (BBL) before and after photos


After your Brazilian Butt Lifting procedure, we know how excited you are to show off your new curvy waist and bigger bums. But before you return to work, hit the beach or gym, there are several important instructions that you need to follow to ensure a smooth and successful recovery, and the best possible outcome.

1. You should stay in bed the first 24 hours except when eating or going to the toilet. A responsible adult must accompany you during this time.
2. Do not remove the elastic bandage applied on your tummies (and waist) to prevent bleeding and accumulation of fluids in the areas.
3. It is normal to have some blood-tinge fluids soaking your dressing or dripping from your incision sites on the first day.
4. Follow-up with Dr. Al on the 2nd or 3rd day (as per instruction) after surgery for wound cleaning and placement of waterproof plasters. Re-application of the elastic bandage is also done. If your new compression garment (body shaper) is available, our staff would gladly assist you wear this.
5.  Expect some soreness over the parts of the buttocks where fats were grafted and where liposuction was made.
6. Sit only on seats with soft cushion. Avoid pressure over the injected parts of your butt.
7. Take the medications provided, antibiotics (to prevent infection) and pain medication.
8. Come back on the 7th day (after surgery) for stitch removal.
9. Maintain use of the body shaping garment for 6-8 weeks.
10. Nourish your fats by eating well (not excessive). No diets for 2 months.
11. No cardio exercises, squatting or stretching of the buttocks.


The following is a detailed process that you will undergo, from beginning to end, to attain your dream of a curvy butt.


- Concerns
- Review of medical history like past/recent procedures, hospitalisations, and medications
- Physical examination
- Explanation of the procedure
- Discuss expectations
- Additional procedures, if any
- Expenses


- Can be done the same day (before 2 pm) with consultation schedule.
- Takes at least half-day to accomplish
- Blood tests, X-rays and ECG
- Medical clearance or Cardio clearance (if needed).
- Results released the next day.


- Strict fasting from midnight of previous day (no food, no drinks).
- Full body bath
- Report to surgeon at 10am
- Photo-taking and body markings (drawings)
- Proceed to operating room complex via VIP lift
- Proceed to Dressing Room
- Change outside clothes with operating room gown, booties, and head cap.
- Proceed to Pre-Anesthesia Room
- Review of medical history and vital signs check by Nurse
- Review of medical history and physical examination by the Anesthesiologist.
- Explanation of anesthesia to be given
- Proceed to Operating Room Suite
- Lie down and relax on the OR table
- Attachments of ECG leads (chest and back)
- Insertion of IV line over one of the hands
- Put to sleep with IV medication
- Gradual wakefulness in the Recovery Room
- May experience chills, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting
- Recovery and monitoring for 4-5 hours until able to tolerate some liquids and soft diet
- Adjusted to high back rest
- IV out, ECG leads removed
- May be discharged when able to ambulate without assistance.
- Or transferred to the Recovery Suite for overnight stay when not cleared for discharge.


A. The procedure will be done under General Anesthesia to ensure your airway.

B. Harvesting and processing techniques include:
         1. Use of Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) for efficient harvesting and removal of fats.
         2. Closed-system handling (special use of Lipo-Filter Kit) to minimize exposure to contaminants.
         3. No centrifugation method to lessen trauma to fats. Gravity or decantation is done instead, to separate fats from blood and fluids.
         4. Avoiding gauze-filtration process to keep away impurities (like fibers) getting into the fats that may cause reaction or bring in infections.

C. Adherence to safe grafting techniques for BBL like:
         1. Immediate grafting of harvested fats (within 2 hours of processing) to ensure viability and high survival rate.
         2. Prevent intra-vascular injection with:
                  a. Use of blunt and big-diameter cannulas.
                  b. Grafting fats into fat layers only. No intra-muscular injection (where big blood vessels are located).
                  c. Refraining from the pointing of cannula to the direction of blood vessels.
         3. Injection of fats in small graft sizes for good blood supply access and increased viability.
         4. Even distribution of fats, avoiding big lumps injection that are prone to fat necrosis (fat death) or development of abscess.
         5.  Injection into multi-layers of the subcutaneous tissue for more volume grafting.


Operative techniques are usually for surgeons. We made this  in the simplest of words for you to have a glimpse and have a clear understanding of what we do during a BBL procedure.

1. Induction of general anesthesia

Medication to put you to sleep will initially be given via IV (thru the vein), and then a tube will be inserted through your throat where gas anesthesia will takeover throughout the entire procedure.

2. Prepping of tummy w/ antiseptic solution

Povidone-Iodine cleanser and solution are applied over the tummy (including areas above and below) to make the area sterile.

3. Placement of sterile surgical drapes

Drapes cover the unsterile areas around the tummy to avoid the surgeon from being contaminated during surgery.

4. Repeat markings

Markings are typically made during photo taking. Prepping lightens the drawing, thus the surgeon repeats them.

5. Skin incisions

For the tummy, 2 small incisions (1/4 inch) are made just below the fold of the breasts, and another 2 over the folds of the lower tummy. Additional incision may be made over the navel depending on the needs of the surgeon.

6. Infiltration of tumescent fluid over the tummy and flanks

Tumescent fluid is a mix of numbing and blood vessel constricting medicines. This helps in softening the fats, provide additional anesthesia, and minimizing bleeding. 1000-2000ml of fluids is infiltrated.

7. Waiting time

This will give time for the tumescent fluid to take its effect (around 20-30 minutes).

8. Fat harvesting and contouring

Using manual syringe or power-assisted liposuction (PAL) machine, fats are suctioned/harvested, and directed into several big syringes  (50cc) or directly into the Lipo-Filter System.

9. Fat processing

Harvested fats are left to stand in syringes on a rack (decantation) by gravity, for 30-60 minutes, to allow separation of fats from fluids and blood, which are eventually discarded.

10. Incisions closure

11. Repositioning

Patient is turned into prone position after lipo-harvesting and lipo-contouring are completed on the tummy and the front part of the flanks (waist). The process takes 30-45 minutes from repositioning to having the incisions for the back liposuction.

12. Prepping of the back and buttocks

13. Placement of sterile surgical drapes

14. Repeat markings

15. Skin incision

For the back, 2 small incisions (1/4 inch) are made just above the upper border of the buttocks or 1 single midline incision a few inches above the tailbone.

16. Infiltration of tumescent fluid over the lower back and flanks.

1000-2000ml of fluids is infiltrated.

17. Waiting time

18. Fat grafting or fat transfer to the butt

Processed fats are grafted into the buttocks via the same incisions earlier mentioned, using smaller syringes (10cc) connected to a blunt cannula (3.5mm or bigger). Between 150cc to 400cc of fats are transferred per butt.

19. Fat harvesting and contouring of the flanks and lower back

Additional fats from these areas may be processed and added to the initial volume of fats already grafted (if needed).

20. Liposuction of other areas (usually bra line and upper back)

Not included in BBL package but often requested by patients as additional procedure.

21. Incisions closure

22. Application of antiseptic

23. Elastic compression

24. End of Anesthesia


1. What is needed to qualify to undergo BBL?

     Must have fats on the tummy or flanks for harvesting.

2. How long is the procedure (Brazilian butt lifting)?

     Usually 3-4 hours for BBL. Includes harvesting and processing of fats, and waist liposuction for 3D shaping.

3. How small are the incisions?

     As small as 0.5cm

4. How long is the down time?

     Recovery is fast for Brazilian butt lifting. Usually 2-3 days. You are not allowed to sit on your butt for just 1-2 weeks after surgery compared to 4-8 weeks with implants. If the grafted fats are placed over the sides of the buttocks to correct volume defects, sitting on the butt is not an issue.

5. Can I add more fat to my butt?

     Yes after 6-12 months. In this case, we might harvest from another site like the thighs.

6. What is the usual volume the butt can increase in size?

     Between 250-400cc per butt.

7. What is a typical after-surgery instruction for BBL?

     No diet, eat well to nourish the fats after surgery for the first 1-2 months.

8. Is it true that there will be shrinkage of the transferred fat after BBL?

     Shrinkage of the butt weeks after surgery could be secondary to the resolution of post-operative swelling. Although many literatures report that fat shrinkage (of the transferred fat) could go as high as 40-60%, our experience is way below this figure. We attribute our high percentage fat survival to our superior intra-operative handling of fat and better after-surgery care/instructions.

Brazilian butt lift (BBL) before and after photos
Brazilian butt lift surgeon
Brazilian butt lift (BBL) before and after photos
BBL clinic Philippines
Brazilian butt lift (BBL) before and after photos
NEU cosmetic plastic surgery


The Brazilian Butt

BBL tightens up the butt because of increased volume caused by the injected fat.


Suited for BBL are women with excess fats in their tummies and flanks (waist) and have regular size buttocks that want to make it bigger to look and feel young. Those with very flat buttocks may not be good candidates (we need some fatty areas in the butt where to transplant or graft the harvest).

Fat Volume

Typically, we keep it safe by injecting fats up to 400cc only (MAX!) per butt. Since Asians are smaller in body frames, the average grafting volume is 250cc to 300cc.


This procedure involves extracting fats via manual, suction-assisted, or power-assisted liposuction from another body parts.


We process the harvested fats following a strict protocol in sterility to avoid fat necrosis and infection. Fats stay in a closed-system from extraction to grafting with nil exposure to operating room environs preventing contamination.

Injecting the fats

Fats don't stay too long outside the body. Within 1-2 hours from harvest, they are grafted immediately for higher survival rate.

Safety for BBL

To prevent serious complications, the following are observed to avoid accidental injection into the blood vessels. 
1. Use of bigger blunt cannulas (3.5-4mm).
2. Avoid injecting into the butt muscles by following the principle of  "fats to fat layers only".
3. Low pressure grafting.
4. Pointing cannula away from vessels.


Butt implants are artificial devices surgically placed in the buttocks to create volume in the area. On top of price issue, there are many other disadvantages coming from its many common side effects.

1. Excessive bleeding after surgery
2. Prolonged pain and recovery
3. Big scar
4. Skin discoloration/skin loss
5. Infection
6. Fluid or blood accumulations underneath the buttocks
7. Allergic reactions
8. 2-dimensional (Unnatural) look
9. Implant displacement
10. Rejection


Unlicensed providers in non-medical locations also inject semi-liquid Silicone and other various materials illegally. Often, they inject silicone sealant and other materials that would be used in sealing bathrooms or tile floors.

This is dangerous for many reasons: The product isn’t sterile and both the product and non-sterile injection can cause life-threatening or fatal infections. The materials are soft and don’t stay in a single location, leading to hard lumps called granulomas. If this product is injected into blood vessels, it can travel to the heart and lungs, causing death.

Why many women want to undergo BBL?

For buttocks that are no longer perky, this cosmetic surgery procedure can turn back the clock by lifting the butt and putting in more volume so you will look sexier and more confident!

Brazilian Butt Lift will also flatten your tummy and trim down the size of your waist resulting to a more emphasized derriere.

This procedure does not involve placing a foreign body or synthetic materials into your buttocks. Only pure organic fats harvested from your own body.

Only small incisions are required to do this surgery.

BBL is definitely worth considering because of the marvelous outcome and the short downtime.

There is very little recovery period with Brazilian Butt Lifting. In fact it is an outpatient procedure that requires no admission. Go home the same day of the procedure.

Considering the 3-dimensional effect of BBL, price for this surgery is even lower than buttocks implants.

Other terms

Brazilian butt lift (BBL)

Buttocks augmentation with fat

Buttocks fat transfer/GRAFTING






     Also known as ASIAN Butt Lifting  (ABL) in the EASTERN world, or Autologous Fat Butt Grafting, is a cosmetic surgery procedure for  buttocks augmentation (enlargement) using your own natural fat harvested from your tummies and flanks. Outcome is a 3-dimensional enhancement that gives you bigger and sexier bum coupled with smaller trimmed waist.

BBL was invented by a Brazilian surgeon, Dr. Ivor Pintanguy in the early 1960's. This procedure gave patients (who were unwilling to have implants in their bodies but still want to have more volume in their buttocks) an option to attain their goals without the long incisions and tough recovery period.


1. Fat is a natural substance which matches the person’s own molecular markers, which means that the immune system will not attack the fat that is re-injected into the body. This is a big advantage over synthetic substances which always have the risk of rejection associated with them.

2.  Further advantage is that liposuction is an inherent part of the procedure to harvest and remove the fat from where there is too much, thus, not only it will augment the butt, it will also flatten your tummies and put more curves to your waist!

Brazilian butt lift (BBL) before and after photos
Brazilian butt lift (BBL) before and after photos
Fat grafting buttocks
BBL clinic
Brazilian butt lift before and after photos
BBL Brazilian Butt Lifting
BBL clinic
Brazilian butt lift (BBL) before and after photos

brazilian butt lifting before and after photos

Buttocks fat grafting transfer


BBL Brazilian Butt Lift
Brazilian butt lift (BBL) before and after photos

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Brazilian butt lift (BBL) before and after photos
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Brazilian butt lift (BBL) before and after photos
Brazilian butt lift (BBL) before and after photos
BBL Brazilian Butt Lifting Philippines
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Brazilian butt lift (BBL) before and after photos